Aloe Ferox® Classic vs Aloe Ferox® Timeless™

Aloe Ferox® Classic vs Aloe Ferox® Timeless™ – Let’s take a look at where it all began.

Aloe Ferox® is a small batch, health and personal care, manufacturing company, that prides itself on the fact that there is a human hand involved in every step of the production line: from the propagation of aloe seeds to the final quality inspection of finished goods. Their mission has always been to manufacture high-end products at affordable prices. This was realised through the CLASSIC range of products – true South African ingenuity and 100% fresh-pressed aloe, combined with internationally acclaimed and sourced ingredients.

There was a growing demand for a skincare range aimed at the skincare connoisseur, willing and able to spend a little more on skincare. This led to the birth of a second range – TIMELESS ™.

What is the difference between these two skincare ranges?

Putting it in automotive terms: Let’s think about a high-end automotive brand such as Mercedes Benz.
The CLASSIC range has the comfort and luxury expected from such a luxury car, but it has only the standard bells and whistles.
The TIMELESS range however, has the comfort, the luxury, all the bells and whistles, as well as upgrades that makes it worthy of the racetrack!

In other words, both ranges are made from the same luxurious, high-end ingredients, except that the TIMELESS range contains additional powerful botanical actives and extracts that offer enhanced skincare performance and anti-aging functionality.

The anti-aging ingredients in TIMELESS has two very important functions:

  • Repairs damage already done to the skin structure
  • Slows down the formation of wrinkles and prevents premature aging.

Browse through the TIMELESS range CLICK HERE

Watch this space for two new additions coming to the TIMELESS range soon – Fynbos Mask and Eye Serum.


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